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Give Your Business the Online Presence it Deserves With Superior User Experience. I'm providing businesses with the ability to transform their online presence with dynamic and innovative platforms customized to their brand and target audience. In constant search for the next thing that can define the product. Change the perception of product thinking. Takes the new customer experiences and assimilates them into older products.


Establish & launch products' growth road map via further products. implanting a full Design thinking method. Define cross-department working processes in large companies. Support implementation, and provide user training.


I Define UX strategy, UI specs and provide direction to a high-performance team of UI developers to ensure the best experience.

I have 6 years of experience working on Axure RP & Adobe XD. I can help establish a full design system. Detailed mockups, wireframes & prototypes.

My name is Ilan Dahan.  I work across various disciplines with a variety of clients, as an employee & as a freelance. Over the years, I have perfected the combination of product manager, UX expert and cutting edge technical skills. I offer a unique perspective and personal approach to my clients. I have had the great fortune of working on some truly inspiring projects. While networking with many influential and creative individuals along the way.

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Senior Product Manager, Customer/ User Experience expert, Digital Transformation leader. 8 years of experience. In the IoT & the Online industry, Ex Fin-Tech industry. A versatile & analytical executive. skilled in the full Product Life Cycle, Customer Experience & marketing automation, machine learning (ML) pipeline & End 2 End Delivery. Expertise in taking products from Ideation to Delivery. Expertise in building & leading high-performance teams to stimulate Digital Transformation and Innovation with an Added Value for my clients.



major achievements:


  • A 30% increase in the company's revenues by implementing Agile Methodology.

  • My product launched on Google Next Summit 2019 @San Francisco – Keynote Presentation.

  • The first-ever "Buy a car online" experience for an Israeli car dealership.

  • Redesign the customer experience of video platform improved product growth revenue by 20%.

  • 60% growth in daily usage by creating Monetization while using Data Analysis (user behavior patterns) on the company's mobile app.

  • Turn 6 desktop-only applications to mobile apps with more than 0.5m monthly users in 9 months.  

Product Management Team leadership Strategic vision B2B Agile Methodology Business Strategy Customer Experience B2C Design System Financial Planning Design Sprints Creative Initiatives Technical Skills 

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