My Services


Trying to reach for truly full Design thinking method.

In constant search for the next thing that can define the product

Changes perception of product thinking. Takes the new customer experiences and assimilates them in older products

Productivity over time while creating an optimal workflow for each client backed up by correct work methods


Establish & launch products' growth road map via further products.


Consultant product management aspects of the company including developing mobile platform, apps, social, content, and SEO strategies that boost traffic and online conversion.


Define cross-department working processes in large companies.


Support implementation, and provide user training.


Initiate and implement a corporate memory management system.


Conduct highly detailed qualitative and quantitative research.

Clean and Functional PRD's & MRD's.


Detailed mockups, wireframes & prototypes.

(6 years' experience working on Axure RP & Adobe XD). 


Define UX strategy, shape product's business needs (lean & full products), UI specs and provide direction to a high-performance team of UI developers to ensure the best experience.


Analyze the company's Big Data, define customer partitions & execute a monetization up-sell campaigns accordingly. 


I generate switch from B.I (business intelligence) to C.I (customer information) by analyzing the company's Big Data, defined customer partitions & executed a monetization up-sell campaigns accordingly.

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